zkSync Era trumps competition: What it means for you

ZkSync Era: Leading the Way in ethereum Layer-2 Solutions

The ethereum layer-2 landscape is constantly evolving, with various networks vying for the title of the most effective scaling solution. However, one network has consistently stood out from the rest – zkSync Era.

ZkSync Era: A Success Story

Launched earlier this year, zkSync Era has quickly become one of the most impressive scaling solutions in the industry. According to a post by ethereum Daily, zkSync Era has outperformed market leaders like Optimism and Arbitrum in daily unique addresses for five consecutive months.

In addition to its strong user engagement, zkSync Era has also excelled in other areas of network activity. Data from Artemis revealed that it facilitated the most daily transactions among significant layer-2 solutions for the past three months.

Record-breaking Network Activity

zkSync Era has recently achieved another significant milestone by recording the highest cumulative transactions over the past month. According to L2Beat, zkSync Era processed 24.82 million transactions, surpassing its closest competitor, Arbitrum, by 46%.

Furthermore, zkSync Era boasts an impressive average throughput of 7.39 transactions per second (TPS) in the last 24 hours. While Arbitrum had a slightly higher TPS at 8.6, zkSync Era’s performance is still remarkable.

Higher Transaction Fees: A Drawback

Despite its impressive network activity, zkSync Era does face criticism over its transaction fees. According to L2Fees, zkSync Era charges higher fees compared to other major rollups. Sending one ETH on zkSync Era costs $0.09, and token swaps cost $0.25, significantly higher than fees on Optimism and Arbitrum.

Potential AirDrop Speculations

The strong network activity of zkSync Era has fueled speculation about a potential AirDrop. Although zkSync has not made any official announcements, this marketing strategy has proven successful for other networks like Arbitrum, which experienced significant growth after its March AirDrop.

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AirDrops remain a topic of debate within the cryptocurrency community. While some view them as mere marketing gimmicks, others believe they can greatly enhance user engagement and overall project success.

As zkSync Era continues to innovate and dominate the layer-2 landscape, the possibility of an AirDrop may further solidify its position as a leading scaling solution in the ethereum ecosystem.

### News source: ambcrypto.com

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