[PRESS RELEASE – New York, United States, March 21st, 2024]

zkPass has joined the BNB Chain Airdrop Alliance Program. This collaboration emphasizes the importance of rewarding user engagement and loyalty within the community.

A total of 4 million zkPass tokens will be distributed to new and existing users, with a significant portion reserved for retroactive users to recognize their support. Details on the token distribution process for retroactive users will be shared soon to ensure transparency and fairness.

Empowering the Community

Participation in the Airdrop Alliance goes beyond token distribution. It is a celebration of user engagement and a step towards empowering individuals in the digital realm. The distribution of zkPass tokens aims to provide valuable assets to community members, encouraging their active involvement in the ecosystem’s growth.

“Stay tuned for our upcoming large-scale airdrop program, aimed at rewarding zkPass early adopters, testnet participants, and active users within multiple ecosystems. Additionally, we’ll introduce a unique airdrop approach, uncommon in this space.” said Joshua, Strategy Lead at zkPass.

About zkPass

zkPass is a private data protocol using 3P-TLS and Hybrid ZK technologies to provide secure, verifiable data sharing with privacy and integrity guarantees. Incubated by Binance Labs during Season 5 Incubation Program, zkPass has received investments from top firms like Sequoia Capital, Binance Labs, OKX Ventures, dao5, SIG, Leland Ventures, and more.

### News source: cryptopotato.com

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