YouTube’s Latest Developments in AI

YouTube continues to make strides in the artificial intelligence (AI) world with the introduction of two new AI features. What does this mean for content creators and viewers? Find out below.

Summarizing Comments

According to a post on YouTube Help, a new tool is in the works that will give content creators the power to summarize the comment sections of their long-form videos into simple themes. Instead of navigating through large comment sections, creators can easily find key discussion topics and even sort comments manually. This feature is initially available on a limited number of English videos with large comment sections, exclusively for YouTube Premium users.

AI Chatbot

YouTube is also experimenting with a chatbot designed to provide viewers with insights about a video without interrupting the playback experience. The generative AI chatbot can create quizzes, ask questions, and make video recommendations for similar content. This feature will initially be available to a select few users and is expected to roll out to premium subscribers in the near future.

Embrace of Innovation

YouTube has been on a roll with its foray into the world of emerging technologies. From AI music incubators to AI-dubbing tools and AI-powered music search, the online video platform is keen on leveraging these technologies to enhance the content creation process. YouTube CEO Neal Mohan emphasized the importance of consumer safety and protecting creators’ copyrights as AI is integrated into the platform.

What’s Next?

The details on the launch date of these AI tools are still scarce, but YouTube has assured that it will start small and collect feedback to perfect these new features. Stay tuned for more updates as YouTube continues to pave the way for AI innovation in the field of online video content creation.

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