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YouTube’s New Policy on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Usage
YouTube recently revealed that it will be updating its policy on the use of AI by creators on its video streaming platform. In a blog post, the company announced that creators will be required to clearly label videos containing AI-generated materials in the description before uploading. Failure to comply with the new disclosure rules will result in the video being taken down as part of YouTube’s efforts to combat misinformation.

Disclosures for Sensitive Topics
According to YouTube, the new disclosure rules will be particularly warranted for videos revolving around “sensitive topics,” such as public health crises, elections, public officers, and global conflicts. While the company did not specify a launch date for the new rules, content creators are preparing for their implementation before the end of 2023.

Consequences of Non-Disclosure
YouTube emphasized that creators who consistently choose not to disclose AI-generated content will face penalties, including content removal, suspension from the YouTube Partner Program, or other consequences. The company also assured creators that it will work with them to ensure they understand and comply with the new requirements.

Enforcement and Compliance
To ensure compliance with the new rules, YouTube announced that it will roll out new options for creators to indicate the presence of AI-generated content. In addition, viewers will be informed of AI-generated content through a label in the description panel and a prominent label for videos pertaining to sensitive topics. The company also noted that it will take down videos that pose risks of misinformation or in cases where clear labeling is insufficient.

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Music Partners and AI Content
YouTube disclosed that music partners will be given the option to request the removal of synthetic content mimicking an original artist’s voice. This option will initially be available to labels and distributors participating in YouTube’s AI music experiments before expanding to other partners.

YouTube’s Embrace of Emerging Technology
In addition to the policy updates, YouTube has been incorporating AI and other emerging technologies to improve user experiences and content moderation. The company is exploring functionalities such as chatbots and content summarization, as well as using AI for improved content moderation and threat detection to prevent bad actors from circumventing the new rules.

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