Will rising rugpulls on Binance Smart Chain affect BNB's tempo?

Rugpulls on the BNB Network: Rising Concerns

Despite the progress and partnerships of Binance [BNB], the network has faced significant uncertainty in the past year. One major issue that has emerged is the increasing number of rugpulls on the BNB Smart Chain [BSC].

Rugpulls: A Growing Problem

A recently uncovered scammer has been creating deceptive tokens and executing scams on the Binance Smart Chain. This scammer moves initial funds to new addresses before creating these tokens, sending any extra money to a third address. In just 11 days, this individual carried out over 40 rugpulls, putting the integrity of the BSC network at risk.

A rugpull is a crypto scam where creators dishonestly take investors’ funds, leaving the tokens worthless. This not only shakes investors’ trust in the BSC network but also raises concerns about investing in BSC projects altogether.

Furthermore, rugpulls can lead to financial losses for unsuspecting investors. Regulators may also pay attention to these activities, potentially resulting in stricter rules and oversight in the cryptocurrency space, which could hinder innovation.

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Positive Sentiment Prevails

Despite the challenges faced by the network, BNB’s Weighted Sentiment and Social Volume remain high. This indicates that the BNB network is still gaining popularity and support.

The price of the BNB token has also remained unaffected and continues to climb. As of now, it is trading at $252.30.

### News source: ambcrypto.com

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