Upbit Continues to Promote a Healthy Digital Asset Trading Environment

In an effort to foster a safe and transparent digital asset trading environment, Upbit, a globally recognized digital asset exchange, announced on October 31, 2023, its commitment to promoting the healthy development of the digital asset/blockchain industry.

Three-Month Holding Period for Supported Digital Assets

Prior to this announcement, Upbit had communicated that if a digital asset invested by Dunamu & Partners is listed for trading on their platform, there will be a mandatory three-month period during which the said digital asset cannot be sold. After this initial period, any changes in the held amount of the digital asset would be disclosed through Upbit’s official announcements at the end of each month.

Disclosing Digital Asset Holdings for October 2023

Adhering to this principle of transparency, Dunamu & Partners published their digital asset holdings for October 2023. Starting from the disclosure in May 2022, the holding details of BTC (bitcoin) acquired through exchange trades by Dunamu & Partners would be included, along with the wallet addresses of the held digital assets. Dunamu & Partners provided and published this information in response to a request on October 31, 2023.

Details of the Disclosure

The disclosure made on October 31, 2023, included the following information:

  • Holder: Dunamu & Partners
  • Digital Asset Type: BTC
  • Investment Date: February 19, 2021
  • Upbit Trading Support Date: October 24, 2017
  • Quantity of Digital Asset Held: 2,081.84950412
  • Cumulative Sales Volume: No transaction history
  • Wallet Addresses:
    1. 1CqkZMD1BKZGAiFhRV7GmBRVB7xEgxi7qY
    2. 14mHARtJMifbK1wRKjtVpmt95ixucSiW5c
  • Holding Purpose: Holding digital assets acquired through exchange trades with LUNC (formerly LUNA).
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Upbit emphasizes its dedication to provide a transparent and healthy trading environment for its users.

### News source: blockchain.news

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