Agut’s Presentation at the Unbounded Capital Summit

Agut recently spoke at the Unbounded Capital Summit in New York, an event that brought together investors, innovators, and thought leaders in the blockchain sector. His presentation, titled “Ping a Penny,” demonstrated how easy, fast, and cheap it is to transfer cents across the world with bitcoin.

HandCash‘s Evolution

HandCash has evolved over the years to respond to market needs and changing customer preferences. Originally launched as a bitcoin wallet, it has become an all-round ecosystem over time, with a current focus on gaming.

Unlocking a New Game Economy Powered by BSV Blockchain

Gaming ecosystems have evolved over the years and today, most rely on in-game purchases for players to unlock new features. Agut highlights the changing landscape of in-game purchases and the unfairness it introduces for players who cannot afford them. HandCash aims to address this issue through its BSV blockchain-powered micropayments, marketplace, and digital identity – the HandCash ID.

Introduction of Stablecoin Payments

HandCash has introduced stablecoin payments on its ecosystem, aiming to make digital assets as easy to use for its clients as any other mainstream fiat platform. Agut emphasizes the importance of stablecoins and how they cater to both gamers and non-digital asset users.

HandCash Relies on the BSV Blockchain Network

Stablecoins are essential in targeting the non-digital asset crowd, and HandCash still relies on the unbounded BSV blockchain network to power its platform. Agut welcomes any company that wishes to join the gaming economy, encouraging them to sign up on the business dashboard and create their apps.

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