A Coalition of Music Publishing Firms Files Lawsuit Against Anthropic for Copyright Infringement

A coalition of music publishing firms has initiated legal proceedings against AI firm Anthropic, alleging copyright infringement in the training of its AI model. The class action lawsuit, filed on October 18, includes industry giants such as Universal Music Group (UMG), ABKCO Music & Records, and Concord Publishing. According to the plaintiffs, Anthropic violated intellectual property rights by indiscriminately using song lyrics and compositions owned by publishing houses to train its chatbot, Claude. The plaintiffs argue that Anthropic’s AI generates identical copies of copyrighted lyrics without permission, constituting a clear violation of publishers’ rights.

The lawsuit asserts that while music lyrics aggregators offer similar services, they do so with proper authorization. The plaintiffs claim that Anthropic’s AI infringes on copyrights by producing lyrics or chord progressions in an artist’s style without obtaining consent. The filing emphasizes that a defendant cannot use someone else’s copyrighted works to build its business without securing permission from the rightsholder.

The plaintiffs state that Anthropic has unjustly enriched itself by violating copyrights and failing to credit creators. Despite being valued at around $5 billion and receiving billions of dollars in venture capital funding, Anthropic has not sought consent from creators. The plaintiffs argue that Anthropic’s AI models are not creative but entirely depend on the creativity of others.

Anthropic is considered one of the Big Four AI developers, alongside OpenAI, Google, and Meta, despite its lower valuation compared to its peers.

Rise in Copyright Lawsuits

This lawsuit adds to a series of class action lawsuits against leading AI developers for unauthorized data scraping during AI model training. In September, OpenAI was sued by the U.S. Authors Guild for infringing on the copyrights of fiction writers, alleging “systematic theft on a mass scale.” While Google has updated its privacy policy to mitigate potential legal issues, Meta has defended its actions as fair use. Regulators are now focused on developing a strong legal framework for AI and other emerging technologies.

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### News source: coingeek.com

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