Uniswap X volume crosses $1 bln, thanks to these market makers

Uniswap X Volume Hits $1 Billion: Is It Sustainable?
By [Journalist], Posted: November 26, 2023

The Uniswap X decentralized exchange (DEX) has reached a milestone, with its trading volume surpassing $1 billion. The achievement is credited to market makers Tokka Labs and Wintermute, who have been instrumental in providing liquidity for the platform.

The Big Guns Are Not Playing

Wintermute and Tokka Labs have played a significant role in the overall daily trading volume, contributing to 60% to 80% of the activity. This spike in demand for open-source trading protocols signals the increasing interest in DEX platforms, cementing Uniswap’s position as the leader in the sector.

KyberSwap: A Threat to Uniswap’s Dominance?

While Uniswap remains the dominant player in the DEX sector, KyberSwap’s rapid increase in trading volume presents a potential challenge. In the last seven days, KyberSwap’s volume has surged by 4831%, reaching close to Uniswap’s trading volume. This growth indicates the potential for KyberSwap to dethrone Uniswap from its top spot.

Revenue Hit the Roof But Now…

Uniswap’s revenue has seen a significant increase, reaching its highest daily revenue in November. The rise in revenue is attributed to increased trading fees and a higher portion of fees collected from liquidity providers like Wintermute and Tokka Labs. However, recent data shows a decline in active addresses and network growth, signaling a decrease in network activity and adoption.

Is the Growth Sustainable?

If the network growth increases, it indicates a surge in traction. However, the current decline suggests that Uniswap’s adoption may be far from its peak. As the DEX sector continues to evolve, sustaining Uniswap’s dominance will require adaptability and innovation.

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