Uniswap Foundation Announces First Round of Request for Proposals (RFPs) for Uniswap V4

On November 1, 2023, Uniswap Foundation made an important announcement through their official Twitter handle, @UniswapFND. They revealed the selections for the first round of Request for Proposals (RFPs) for Uniswap V4. This announcement marks a significant milestone in the enhancement of Uniswap V4, as multiple teams and projects have been chosen to contribute various improvements to the protocol.

First RFP: “Provide Liquidity Widget”

The first RFP has been awarded to the team Polya (@polya_ai). The main objective of this RFP is to develop a Deposit Liquidity Widget that can be easily integrated across various front-end platforms.

Second RFP: Open-Source Design Package for Uniswap’s LP User Experience

Airfoil Studio (@AirfoilStudio) has been assigned the second RFP. Their task is to create an Open-Source Design Package that enhances the Liquidity Provider (LP) user experience on Uniswap. This project includes comprehensive supporting documentation for hook developers and a sample set of Proof of Concept (POC) hooks.

Third RFP: POC Hook Developer Docs

The responsibility for the third RFP has been shared between two teams: Umbrella Labs (@0xUmbrella) and Brokkr (@BrokkrFinance). Their focus is to compile a robust set of POC hooks along with comprehensive supporting documentation for the developer community.

Fourth RFP: Research on Bad Hooks

Robert Chen from Ottersec (@NotDeGhost), Composable Security (@Composable_Sec), and BlockSec (@BlockSecTeam) have been awarded the fourth RFP. Their task is to research and understand the “malicious design space” of hooks, with a focus on how protocol stakeholders can reason about their security to prevent potential threats.

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Uniswap Foundation is excited about the innovative contributions that these selected teams will bring to the Uniswap ecosystem. They express gratitude to all the applicants and hint at future RFP opportunities, acknowledging the high-quality submissions they received which made the selection process highly competitive.

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