Unibot Loses $640,000 in Digital Assets to Hacker

Telegram chatbot Unibot recently suffered a loss of approximately $640,000 worth of digital assets after a hacker exploited a vulnerability in the newly deployed contract. The team behind the protocol is currently investigating the issue and will soon provide a detailed response.

PeckShield reported that the attacker transferred the stolen cryptocurrency to Uniswap, which was then routed to the controversial crypto mixer, Tornado Cash.

Important Advisories and Responses

  • Lookonchain advised Unibot users to either transfer their funds to other wallets or revoke contract approvals as soon as possible.
  • Unibot confirmed the token approval exploit from its new router and has paused it to contain the issue.
  • The protocol has reassured its users that any funds lost due to the bug on the new router will be compensated. Additionally, they have emphasized that user keys and wallets remain secure.

Similar Incidents and Reimbursements

  • In September, blockchain security firm CertiK reported that approximately $332 million in various digital assets were lost due to exploits, hacks, and scams.
  • This recent exploit follows a similar incident that affected Maestrobots, a group of cryptocurrency bots on the Telegram messenger app, on October 24th.
  • The attackers targeted MaestroRouter on the ETH mainnet, resulting in the drainage of 280 ETH valued at approximately $485,000 during the time of the hack.
  • The Maestrobots team quickly identified the attack and removed the exploit. Users were reimbursed within a day.

### News source: cryptopotato.com

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