TON Sets New World Record as the World

The Open Network (TON): Achieving a Record-Breaking Speed of 104,715 TPS

The Open Network (TON) has emerged as the world’s fastest and most scalable public blockchain.

During a live-streamed public test on October 31, TON achieved a remarkable speed of 104,715 transactions per second (TPS).

TON Testnet Outperforms Visa and Previous Record Holders

The test utilized 256 validators and pushed the TON testnet to create 512 shards under heavy load, resulting in the groundbreaking speed.

TON’s performance not only surpassed Visa’s reported speed but also exceeded the previous record holder, achieving approximately 100,000 TPS.

A Significant Milestone and Potential Disruption

This accomplishment positions TON as a viable infrastructure layer for the emerging Web3 ecosystem and attracts the interest of global enterprises.

Certification by CertiK and Support from Alibaba Cloud

CertiK, a leading Web3 smart contract auditor, has confirmed and backed TON as the fastest and most scalable blockchain.

Alibaba Cloud provided the infrastructure for the live-streamed stress test, ensuring its accuracy and stability.

Unique Architecture and Scalability

TON employs an “infinite sharding paradigm,” enabling it to form a blockchain of blockchains and rapidly scale capacity.

The Limitless Potential of TON

Anatolii Makosov, Core Development Lead at TON Foundation, highlights the blockchain’s ability to scale almost infinitely and process millions of TPS from billions of users.

Accelerating Mass Adoption of Blockchain Technology

TON’s collaborations with Telegram and Tencent Cloud signify the beginning of a series of alliances, aiming to drive the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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