Ethereum: How appetite for staked ETH continues to grow

Title: Exploring the Rise of ethereum Staking and Its Impact

As of November 23, 2023, the ethereum (ETH) network has seen a significant increase in staked supply and a decrease in ETH rewards. Let’s dive into the details and understand the implications of these trends.

Staked Supply Sees a Sharp Increase

Since the launch of the Shapella Upgrade, ethereum users have shown a growing interest in staking. According to Nansen, 28.6 million yield-generating coins were locked up on the network, accounting for 23.6% of ETH’s total circulating supply. This surge reflects users’ confidence in the protocol, as they now have more control over their staked ETH and the ability to unstake them at any time.

Data shared by IntoTheBlock CEO Jesus Rodriguez revealed that the deposited amount was 1.4% of the trading volume as of November 21. This increase in the staked ETH share compared to total ETH trading volume showcases investors’ trust and belief in the long-term potential of the asset.

ETH Rewards Continue to Drop

Despite the rise in staked supply, the rewards for staking ETH have continued to decrease. According to, the annualized financial return per validator was just 3.68%, down from 8.61% seen in May. This reduction can be attributed to the increased number of stakers, resulting in a thinner spread of the yield.

Impact on the Market

The rise in staked supply and the reduction in ETH rewards have led to an interesting market dynamic. As of November 23, ETH’s exchange balance was barely 12% of the total coins in circulation, the lowest in more than seven years. This suggests that more ETH is being taken out of the market and used as an investment to earn yield. Despite these trends, ethereum struggled to regain the $2,000 level, influenced by market events such as Binance CEO stepping down.

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The rise in staked supply and the decrease in ETH rewards highlight the changing dynamics of the ethereum network. While more users are staking their ETH for potential long-term gains, the decreasing rewards pose a challenge. As the network continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these developments impact the overall ethereum ecosystem.

Overall, it is evident that staking is becoming an increasingly popular aspect of ethereum, with users locking up significant amounts of coins to earn rewards. These trends have not only influenced the supply and demand dynamics but also impacted the market sentiment. As investors continue to explore new ways to generate passive income, staking is likely to remain a significant aspect of the cryptocurrency landscape.

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