OnePlay: The Future of Cloud Gaming

When you sign up for a telecom plan, you may soon have access to not only popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but also to OnePlay – a decentralized and open-source cloud gaming platform backed by Kunal Shah. According to a report by ET, OnePlay is currently in discussions with 64 telecom companies worldwide to add its subscription service as an add-on alongside other over-the-top (OTT) platforms when customers sign up for their telecom services. Seven telecom companies have already approved the proof of concept for this innovative gaming platform.

Unlimited Gaming Experiences with OnePlay

OnePlay offers gamers worldwide limitless access to immersive gaming experiences without the need for costly hardware. The platform is developing the OneCloud Network, featuring a decentralized, edge-based internet infrastructure, allowing anyone to host game/VR/metaverse apps and services on distributed nodes and benefit from improved performance and data privacy. OnePlay provides access to popular AAA titles like Counter-Strike and GTA, even for users who don’t have high-level graphics cards.

Strategic Expansion Plans

OnePlay plans to launch its gaming platform with two telecom companies in India, representing the first instance of bundling a gaming platform in this fashion. The company also aims to expand internationally, starting with partnerships in South Korea, the US, and Malaysia. This global expansion will see OnePlay branded under its partners’ names in these regions, leveraging their established reputation for success.

Founded in 2019, OnePlay has garnered 100,000 downloads and has a registered user base of over 50,000 players. The platform has received a strategic funding round of $1.8 million led by Baring Capital and has partnered with various technology companies to enhance its services.

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