Ted Cruz Accepts bitcoin for Senate Campaign Donations

US senator Ted Cruz has taken a significant step towards embracing cryptocurrency by officially accepting bitcoin for his senate campaign donations. His decision was announced on his official website, with bitcoin payments facilitated by the payments platform OpenNode. Donors now have the option to contribute to Cruz’s campaign either through on-chain transactions or the lightning network.

bitcoin Campaign Donations Accepted

Visit Ted Cruz for Senate to contribute.

A Strong Advocate for bitcoin in Congress

Ted Cruz has been an outspoken proponent of bitcoin in the Senate, particularly regarding its benefits in the energy sector. He believes that the bitcoin industry is providing immense advantages for Texas and the entire country.

The senator aims to play a leading role in educating and raising awareness about bitcoin among his colleagues in Congress. He has expressed concerns about their lack of understanding, stating that there may be only a few senators who can accurately explain what bitcoin is.

Earlier this year, Cruz participated in a fireside chat at the bitcoin Policy Summit, where he emphasized his bullish stance on bitcoin and revealed that he personally owns more than 2 bitcoin, adding to his holdings every Monday.

bitcoin Adoption Spreads Among US Politicians

Ted Cruz now joins a growing list of US politicians who are accepting bitcoin for campaign donations. In 2023, presidential candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Vivek Ramaswamy also started accepting BTC through OpenNode for their campaign contributions.

### News source: bitcoinmagazine.com

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