Optimism: DEX volumes surge, is this the reason why?

Title: Analyzing the Recent Surge in Optimism DEX Volume

As of November 27, 2023, the Optimism DEX has seen an unprecedented surge in trading volume, raising questions about the sustainability and implications of this sudden spike.

A sudden spike
The Optimism DEX experienced a remarkable 1,800% increase in weekly trading volume, reaching over $12 billion in the last week. However, this surge was primarily influenced by a vulnerability attack on KyberSwap, contributing to the overall spike in trading activity.

After the initial spike, the DEX volumes on Optimism fell, but the TVL continued to grow steadily. This suggests that despite the drop in DEX volumes, the growth of the network in the DeFi space continued to rise.

How has the price been affected?
The price of OP remained relatively stable despite the surge in DEX volumes. However, the network growth around OP declined, indicating a decrease in interest from new addresses and a fall in trading velocity.

The future of Optimism
New governance proposals on Optimism could potentially attract users to the protocol in the future. The proposal advocates liquidity mining for a robust foundation, aiming to distribute tokens evenly and encourage more people to participate.

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Liquidity mining involves rewarding individuals who provide liquidity to the OP token on Uniswap V3, aiming to keep the trading pool healthy and encourage more participation.

In conclusion, while the surge in DEX volumes on Optimism raises concerns about sustainability, the steady growth in TVL and the potential for new governance proposals show promise for the future of the network.

### News source: eng.ambcrypto.com

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