New data shows a jump in NFT sales - Is summer finally here?

The NFT Market is Poised for Recovery as Sales Volume Surges

There’s good news for the NFT market as sales volume has been steadily increasing over the past five weeks, a positive trend after a period of decline.
ETH NFTs See Growth
ethereum, a major player in the NFT space, has also witnessed growth in daily volume and trade counts, indicating an overall positive trend for the blockchain’s NFT market.
Top NFT Projects by Social Activity Revealed
FLOKI, VRA, GMT, and SAND have emerged as the top 4 NFT projects by social activity as of the 6th of November, indicating growing interest and engagement in the NFT space.
Polygon and Solana NFTs on the Rise
Both Polygon and Solana are showing a similar upward trend in their NFT sales volume, number of buyers, and sellers, reflecting a positive surge in activity within their respective ecosystems.
BTC NFTs Gain Momentum
Despite a period of decline, bitcoin‘s NFTs are now showing upward momentum, with daily ordinals gaining popularity since the 25th of October, marking a positive shift in the BTC NFT market.
Price Movement in the Crypto Market
While BTC and ETH prices have seen a slight slowdown, MATIC and SOL prices have spiked by 3% and 45%, respectively, indicating increased interest and investment in these NFT ecosystems.
The NFT market’s recovery is certainly a promising development in the crypto space and one that is worth keeping an eye on as we move forward.

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