Introducing the Stratum Reference Implementation 1.0.0

The Stratum Reference Implementation (SRI) team has announced the release of SRI 1.0.0, a significant milestone in their efforts to decentralize and optimize bitcoin mining. This latest release is now available for immediate testing and integration, as stated in a press release shared with bitcoin Magazine.

Key Features of SRI 1.0.0

  • Compatibility with SV2 pools without firmware upgrades through Translation Proxy or SV2 firmware devices.
  • Miners’ ability to manage bitcoin nodes, construct templates, and submit them to SV2 Pools.
  • Pool fallback functionality for uninterrupted mining even in the face of transaction censorship by pools.

This latest version represents a culmination of improvements in the Stratum V2 specification developed through group collaboration and extensive testing. The focus has been on ensuring seamless compatibility among different implementations of the Stratum V2 protocol.

With this release, miners using SV1 or SV2 firmware can connect directly to SV2 Pools or through a translation proxy. They can create block templates using a Job Declaration Client and a custom bitcoin Core Node, sending these templates to the Job Declarator Server operated by the SV2 Pool. Additionally, third parties can now run the node and JDC independently, expanding operational possibilities.

The new pool fallback feature automatically switches miners to alternative pools should their templates be rejected, promoting pool accountability and prioritizing miners’ hash power security and competitiveness.

SRI’s emphasis on user-friendly pool setup and continual enhancements make it an appealing choice for miners and pools seeking efficient mining experiences. The project invites contributions and support from individuals and businesses interested in advancing the development, research, and innovation in bitcoin mining technology.

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