Is Solana hinting at a sustained rally?

Title: The Impressive Ascent of Solana [SOL] and What It Means for Investors

Subtitle: SOL Bulls Maintain Stronghold on the Market

As of November 14, 2023, SOL has been making significant strides in the market. The lack of retracements has put buyers in a position where they may need to be more aggressive in their approach.

Subtitle: Whales Make Waves as SOL Continues to Soar

Despite reports of whale transactions and SOL being sent to centralized exchanges, the rally has not been significantly affected. The move above $50 has bolstered the confidence of bulls, with $75 being identified as the next major resistance level.

Subtitle: Bullish Strength on the Weekly Chart

The one-week chart has shown a rapid increase in SOL’s value, surpassing previous local weekly highs and breaching the $39 and $48 levels with little to no retracement. Indicators such as the Chaikin Money Flow and On-Balance Volume point to intense demand, while the RSI signals significant upward momentum in recent weeks.

Subtitle: Strategies for Investors

Investors are advised to consider adding to their SOL holdings each time the cryptocurrency forms higher lows on the one-hour chart, rather than waiting for a pullback to the $50 zone.

Subtitle: Setting Targets for SOL

The $51-$53 region is identified as a significant area of liquidity, with the $65 zone also being a target for bullish investors. Long-term resistance levels like $116 and $143 are also on the radar, indicating the potential for further growth in SOL’s value.


As SOL continues to make waves in the cryptocurrency market, the impressive rally and bullish indicators signal a potential for further growth. However, investors should remain cautious and monitor market structure in the one-day timeframe to make informed decisions about their SOL holdings.

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