RSS3 Social Notifier Snap: Stream, Aggregate, and Display Decentralized Social Information

RSS3, an open information layer, is in the process of creating a new MetaMask Snap. The purpose of the Snap is to aggregate, stream, and display decentralized social information. This information will be pulled from platforms such as Farcaster and Lens Protocol. The Snap will aggregate supported decentralized social graphs and provide close to real-time notifications of Web3 social activities.

Sync and Aggregate Social Graphs with MetaMask Flask

The RSS3 Social Notifier Snap currently allows users to sync and aggregate all their existing on-chain and decentralized social graphs into MetaMask Flask. At present, this includes graphs from Farcaster, Lens Protocol, and Crossbell. Users who install the Snap will receive human-readable style pop-up notifications on their MetaMask Flask when their friends post on these networks.

Empowering MetaMask with Social Modules

According to Henry, the CTO of RSS3, the new Snap will enable users to keep up with their following’s latest activities. He compared it to having an RSS reader integrated into their wallet. Furthermore, this Snap represents the first practical implementation of social modules within MetaMask Snaps. This marks a significant milestone and showcases the potential of MetaMask Snaps as a gateway to various Web3 interactions beyond cryptocurrency transactions.

Embracing Composability and Interoperability

Joshua, founder of RSS3, emphasized that the Snap is built with the composability and interoperability that Web3 promises. The aim is to allow access to any public information with any client. The integration of RSS3 in the MetaMask Snap bridges such information to a crypto wallet, demonstrating the capabilities and opportunities for the open information layer.

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Open Source Collaboration

In its final stages of development, the RSS3 Social Notifier Snap is available for trial through MetaMask Flask. Interested parties are encouraged to contribute to the open-source project on GitHub.

MetaMask Snaps: Adding Functionality to Your Wallet

MetaMask Snaps, like the RSS3 Social Notifier Snap, are features created by third-party developers that users can directly install into their MetaMask wallets. This provides users with the option to customize and enhance their wallet’s functionality.

Looking Ahead: Collaborative Opportunities

RSS3 is actively seeking collaborative opportunities to support the development of innovative Snaps using its open information. By making Web3 more user-friendly and accessible, this effort aims to broaden the scope of Web3 interactions. Builders are encouraged to reach out and join RSS3’s initiative.

About RSS3: The Open Information Layer

RSS3 is the Open Information Layer, positioning itself as the next iteration of Twitter, Google, and OpenAI. The platform is dedicated to enhancing the free flow of open information and contributing to the construction of the Open Web. To learn more, visit

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