RNDR or TAO: Which AI token should interest you today?

The Rise and Fall of Open-Source AI Tokens

Render [RNDR] and Bittensor [TAO] have been in the spotlight recently as the demand for open-source AI technologies surged. However, the hype around these tokens seemed to have died down in the past few weeks. Despite this, there are still factors that could contribute to their growth in the long term.

Open Source AI: The Future of Technology

Recent research data has shown a growing interest in open-source AI technology. Internet figures like Elon Musk have also advocated for the open-sourcing of AI tools. This shift in sentiment towards open-source AI has the potential to benefit technologies like Render and Bittensor, which are both built on decentralized principles of the crypto world. As the demand for open-source AI tools continues to rise, so does the interest in these tokens.

Investing in AI Tokens: A Long-Term Play

Currently, RNDR is trading at $11.06 with a slight decline in price over the past 24 hours. The bearish trend in RNDR’s price movements and the weakening buying pressure indicated by the CMF suggest that it may take a significant bullish momentum to push the price back up to previous levels.

Similarly, TAO has also experienced a bearish trend in its price movements, with the RSI plummeting, indicating a lack of bullish momentum. The high correlation between the price movements of both TAO and RNDR suggests that they may continue to move in tandem in the future.

In Conclusion

While the hype surrounding open-source AI tokens may have simmered down, the long-term potential for growth still exists. As the demand for open-source AI technologies continues to rise, there is a possibility for both Render and Bittensor to benefit from this trend. Although the current price movements of these tokens may not be ideal, the future outlook for open-source AI tokens remains promising.

### News source: ambcrypto.com

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