Gibeo: A Podcasting and Video Platform for Creators

Gibeo, formerly known as Real World Podcasts, has re-launched with upgraded features and a renewed focus on empowering creators. The platform allows content creators to earn money from their work without having to rely on traditional selling-out methods. With a maximum file upload size of 2GB and plans to onboard more creators, Gibeo aims to become a cool place for everyone.

The Need for Alternative Media Platforms

While large commercial platforms still dominate the media landscape, there is a growing demand for alternatives that promote freedom and creativity. The BSV blockchain, with its promise of fast and cheap micropayments, opens up new economic opportunities for content creators. Existing advertising-driven models often restrict the type of content that can be featured, leading to increased censorship. Independent earnings and payments facilitated by blockchain technology offer creators more freedom to express themselves.

Content creators on Gibeo have the option to receive instant payments when their audience purchases their work or to offer it for free. Channels need approval from Gibeo, but anyone with talent can sign up and choose where to include payments.

A Dedicated and Independent Development Team

Gibeo is operated by a two-person team that remains independent and unburdened by commercial pressures. They believe in the potential of blockchain technology and strive to create a platform that works for creators. While they are open to VC funding, their main goal is to sell the site and focus on new projects.

Continuous Improvements on Gibeo

Gibeo is continuously improving its platform to enhance the user experience. Upcoming features include notifications on the home screen, increased file upload size, tidier code, video timestamps, Markdown language support, and link previews.

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The ‘BSV Niche’ Problem and Broadening Reach

One challenge for BSV blockchain platforms like Gibeo is attracting a more diverse audience. The content on these platforms often revolves around BSV-related topics, which limits their appeal. Gibeo’s developers acknowledge this issue and are actively working on social media marketing and networking to reach a broader crowd. They are also exploring partnerships with other platforms and communities outside the BSV blockchain world.

Gibeo currently allows sign-ups via HandCash and Twetch wallets, but they are considering implementing logins with Google and Twitter to attract users from different backgrounds.

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