Pundit Dispels Concerns Around Cardano and Midnight, Reveals Surprising Insights

Cardano faces ongoing FUD attacks as concerns circulate about its new Midnight project, a privacy-focused sidechain. Despite efforts by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson to address these concerns, some in the crypto community still find key details unclear.

Concerns about Midnight Project

Questions have arisen regarding the launch of Midnight’s native coin, DUST, and the partners collaborating with IOG. The lack of responses from the network’s developers has led to heightened criticism.

Cardano Evangelist Comes to the Defense

Cardano evangelist Dan Gambardello has written a comprehensive post addressing the concerns. Gambardello emphasized that the concerns surrounding Cardano and Midnight have been blown out of proportion and encouraged the community to take a closer look.

Inception and Role of Midnight Project

Gambardello clarified that Midnight is not meant to replace Cardano but to complement it as a sidechain. Midnight brings new capabilities to Cardano, such as private smart contracts written in TypeScript. Gambardello also stressed that Midnight strengthens Cardano’s network effect and technological prowess.

Addressing Criticisms and Personal Attacks

Critics have accused Cardano of a lack of development on the blockchain and unsuitable protocols for real-world applications, along with personal attacks against Hoskinson. In response, Hoskinson proposed enhancing marketing and branding initiatives to change the perception of Cardano and mitigate FUD. He also mentioned a proposal to make the Cardano network self-sustaining and community-driven.

### News source: zycrypto.com

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