Primex Finance Deploys to Arbitrum, Enabling Leverage on Its DEXs

**Primex Finance Announces New Deployment on Arbitrum One**

New York, November 27, 2023 — Primex Finance, a protocol for spot margin trading on DEXs, has deployed on Arbitrum One, marking an important milestone in its multichain initiatives. By expanding its reach and enhancing user experience, the deployment offers increased flexibility for traders and lenders.

**Unifying Liquidity in the DeFi Market**

Primex connects lenders with traders, enabling spot margin trading on decentralized exchanges. Traders benefit from CEX-like interfaces, while lenders gain access to high lending APYs through Credit Buckets, smart contract-powered liquidity pools. This allows lenders to earn interest and diversify their portfolios based on their risk appetite.

**Facilitating Spot Margin Trading**

Primex facilitates spot margin trading with decentralized trade execution, using a network of Keepers to automate trades and liquidate unprofitable positions. The protocol aims to expand into other DeFi-based leveraged operations in the future.

**Arbitrum One: A Prominent Layer 2 Scalability Solution**

Arbitrum One is a layer 2 scalability solution that provides enhanced throughput and reduced gas fees. With a TVL of over $7 billion and 14.1 million unique addresses, it’s the largest market for decentralized finance.

**Expanding Liquidity Mining Program**

In conjunction with the Arbitrum deployment, Primex invites community members to join the Liquidity Mining Program to accumulate liquidity in Credit Buckets on the layer 2 network. Participants can receive rewards based on their contributions and roles, as well as earn rewards through the Referral Program.

**About Primex Finance**

Established in 2021, Primex Finance is a decentralized protocol for spot margin trading on DEXs, focusing on enhancing flexibility and user experience for traders. The protocol’s mainnet Beta release on Polygon in October 2023 marked a significant milestone in its roadmap.

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**Contact Information**

CMO: Anton Demenko
Primex Finance
[email protected]

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