Playnance Partners with Coinstore, Integrating Crypto Trading with P2P Gaming

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The Polygon-powered game and B2B Web3 platform Playnance’s partnership with Coinstore

The Polygon-powered game and B2B Web3 platform Playnance has announced a major partnership with Coinstore, a popular crypto exchange and wallet provider. Under this partnership, Coinstore will channel its extensive user base to Playnance’s engaging P2P trading game, where players bet on the price movements of bitcoin. Coinstore will earn a percentage of the revenue generated from the game.

This alliance signifies a unique diversification strategy for Coinstore and Playnance’s commitment to expanding its reach and influence in the digital trading industry. Integrating Playnance’s gaming expertise with Coinstore’s trading platform can potentially create an ecosystem that benefits both entities. The partnership would effectively bridge the gap between conventional crypto trading and game-based trades, driving revenue growth for the entire sector.

Partnership Benefits for Exchanges

For exchanges like Coinstore, aligning with Playnance’s gaming platform opens up a novel revenue stream, diversifying their income sources beyond traditional trading fees. This is particularly appealing in an industry where innovation and differentiation are key to staying competitive.

Playnance’s game offers a unique engagement avenue for traders and an opportunity to have fun while playing 45-second exciting game sessions. It acts as an off-beat yet relevant activity that complements users’ trading interests. This integration enhances user experience without competing with the core functionalities of the exchange. Coinstore can bolster its customer loyalty and retention by providing an additional layer of entertainment and interaction.

“Collaborating with Playnance can allow leading crypto exchanges to offer an extended service segment to their users that blends the thrill of gaming with the transparency of trading,” says Yaniv Baruch, COO at Playnance. “It offers a unique opportunity to enhance their user engagement and access new markets, tapping into the vast potential of gamified finance. We envision this collaboration as a blueprint for future alliances with more leading exchanges like Coinstore.”

The scalability and market appeal of Playnance’s platform are also significant. With a proven track record, evidenced by the success of their game, Playnance demonstrates its capacity to captivate a large audience with over 2500 monthly players and provide fair and competitive earnings with total wins paid of 315+ million MATIC and daily paid volume of 1 million MATIC. For exchanges like Coinstore, this means tapping into a wider market, potentially attracting new users who are drawn to the gaming aspect.

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The automated and decentralized nature of Playnance’s platform ensures ease of integration and zero-fraud operation, making it an attractive option for exchanges seeking to expand their offerings with minimal hassle. The partnership model is designed for maximum scalability, allowing exchanges to grow their user base and revenue without proportional increases in operational complexity.

Insights from Exchange Executives

The partnership’s potential is best articulated by the executives of both Playnance and Coinstore, who are excited about what the partnership would bring to both their exchanges and their customers.

“This partnership with Playnance is a mutually beneficial relationship for us,” said Samuel Chong, Regional Manager at Coinstore. “By combining the engaging gaming platform with Coinstore’s extensive user base, we’re expanding our reach and enhancing the overall trading experience for the crypto community.”

Coinstore Regional Manager also remarked that this alliance is a significant milestone in the company’s quest to offer more compelling services to its users beyond trading. By integrating Playnance’s gaming platform, Coinstore hopes to diversify its portfolio and provide customers with an entertaining and relevant service.

About Playnance and Coinstore

Playnance, with its innovative approach at the intersection of finance and gaming, has established itself as a trailblazer in the Web3 space. Their platform is designed to monetize traffic for exchanges, entrepreneurs, influencers, and traffic owners. Its main product is the white-label ready-to-operate P2P trading game, which is currently the top Polygon-powered game by number of transactions. On the other hand, Coinstore is a centralized crypto exchange established in 2020. In a short time, the platform has attracted a substantial user base, currently serving over 850,000 registered users across 175 countries​​.

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The partnership between Playnance and Coinstore signifies the importance of cross-industry collaborations in the digital assets sector. It can also inspire similar entities looking to diversify and enhance their offerings. If the collaboration yields positive results, Playnance and Coinstore can potentially set a benchmark for their respective industries, offering a unique blend of entertainment, engagement, and profitability.

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