PEPE or BOME - Which memecoin should you invest in this week?

The Rise of BOME and PEPE: Are Bulls Taking Over?

BOME and PEPE, two popular memecoins, saw their prices surge by over 8% and 10%, respectively. As market sentiment shifted towards a bullish trend, AMBCrypto decided to delve deeper into these memecoins to analyze if this upward trend would continue.

### BOME and PEPE Bulls Charging Ahead

According to CoinMarketCap data, BOME’s value jumped by more than 8% in the last 24 hours, now trading at $0.01195 with a market capitalization exceeding $659 million. On the other hand, PEPE saw a double-digit growth of over 10%, trading at $0.000007226 with a market cap surpassing $3 billion. Despite the price increase, PEPE’s social volume rose while BOME’s social volume declined.

### What Lies Ahead for BOME and PEPE?

AMBCrypto’s analysis revealed that BOME faces resistance near the $0.013 mark, suggesting a potential correction at that level. Derivatives metrics indicated a short bull rally for BOME, but funding rates dropped, hinting at a possible end to the memecoin’s surge.

As for PEPE, selling pressure was increasing with whales offloading their holdings, possibly leading to a price correction. While the MACD displayed a bearish crossover, the Chaikin Money Flow showed potential for PEPE to sustain its bull run.

In conclusion, the future of BOME and PEPE remains uncertain as both face key resistance levels amidst changing market sentiment. Investors should closely monitor these memecoins for any signs of a trend reversal.

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