Development of BSV Web3 Browser Extension Wallets

After five years, the BSV blockchain finally has a Web3 Browser Extension wallet with similar functionality as Metamask on ethereum.

Panda Wallet: An Open-source, Non-Custodial Browser Extension

Panda Wallet, an open-source, non-custodial browser extension, has web application APIs and full 1Sat Ordinals token support. This innovation is a stark contrast to previous bitcoin wallets, which were closed-source and implemented proprietary token protocols. This development has coincided with a grassroots movement to counter those earlier attempts at walled gardens by opening up the ecosystem.

Collaborative Development

Multiple developers are collaborating on Panda Wallet’s development, and we are already seeing the fruits of that labor with interoperable marketplaces and wallets.

Interoperable Token Support

Panda Wallet, SHUAllet, and now FireSat have all adopted the 1Sat Ordinals token protocol standard and are fully interoperable with each other.

Wallet Interoperability and Open Sourcing

Wallets being open-sourced give the community a chance to inspect the security and validate their keys are not being sent to remote servers but truly are preserved client-side.

Adopting a Single Standard Token Protocol

These incentive structures emphasize the importance of working on a single standard token protocol, just as other blockchains have. Supporting multiple protocols adds risk, increases total effort, and fractures the ecosystem. Additionally, if multiple protocols need to be supported, wallets and services cannot focus on being open-source and interoperable, as they need to focus most of their work on support, bugs, and issues instead. The massive bull run ongoing on BTC Ordinals proves this thesis. Thankfully, some in the BSV blockchain ecosystem seems to have learned an important lesson.

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