Optimism performs impressively in 2023 - Can it outshine Arbitrum?

Optimism Surpasses ARB in Active Pockets

Optimism (OP) has shown consistent progress throughout 2023. In fact, it surpassed its competitor, Arbitrum (ARB), in terms of network activity on multiple occasions. Despite a recent 3% drop in price, the social metrics for OP have remained strong.

Optimism’s Impressive Growth

The Layer2 Index recently tweeted about Optimism’s growth over the past year, noting a steady increase in the number of ecosystem holders. This indicates a significant uptick in L2 adoption in recent months.

Worldcoin Token Debut

The Worldcoin token saw a significant increase in holders shortly after its launch on the Optimism platform. The transaction volume settled at $400 million–$700 million weekly.

Optimism vs. Arbitrum Performance

AMBCrypto’s analysis of Artemis’ data revealed that OP’s daily active addresses and transactions surpassed those of ARB for a short while. Despite ARB having more users and transactions, both L2s generated comparable revenue.

OP’s Price Action and Sentiment

While OP’s price took a hit, its social volume and sentiment remain strong. Despite the recent decline, the token’s popularity is unaffected.


Optimism has shown tremendous growth and potential in 2023, outperforming its competitors and increasing adoption. Despite a recent price drop, its network activity and social metrics suggest a promising future for the platform.

### News source: eng.ambcrypto.com

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