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Blockchain Technology and the Evolution of Real-World Asset Tokenisation

Blockchain technology has brought us closer to a more open, secure, and transparent global financial system, and the tokenisation of real-world assets represents the next evolution in this process.

Growth of Tokenised Assets According to Adam Dignan
In a recent discussion, Adam Dignan, CEO of Ocean Money, discussed the growth of tokenised assets and referenced reports that suggest the market will reach “16 trillion Dollars by 2023”. The current market size of Asset tokenisation is estimated at around $600 billion, indicating massive room for growth.

The Potential of Tokenised Real-World Assets
Tokenised real-world asset industry is set to transform traditional assets and is poised to bring significant change to the financial landscape.

What Are Tokenised Real-World Assets, and What Are the Benefits?
Tokenised real-world assets are digital representations of real-world assets securely stored on a blockchain, offering a host of benefits, including democratized access, increased liquidity and efficiency, reduced middlemen, and improved trust and transparency in financial markets.

Ocean Money and Their Role in Real-World Asset Tokenisation
Ocean Money is at the forefront of supporting democratized finance through their Real-World Asset tokenisation (RWAT) platform, providing seamless tokenisation and distribution of assets for some of the world’s largest firms and brands.

About Ocean Money
Ocean Money is a next-generation crypto Neobank and wealth management platform with licenses and authorizations from leading global regulators. They empower users with access to new asset classes through their tokenisation platform.

As the world moves towards a more open financial system, Ocean Money aims to create a platform where people feel safe to use and take control of their finances.

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