North Korean Hackers Impersonate South Korean Agencies to steal Crypto

South Korean law enforcement uncovered that hackers from North Korea posed as government agencies and journalists in South Korea in order to steal cryptocurrency. They used email phishing techniques to target unsuspecting victims.

DPRK Hackers Reportedly Focused on Stealing Crypto

The South Korean National Police Agency revealed that North Korean hackers targeted people’s crypto assets. They stole information from nearly 1,500 victims, the majority of whom were from the private sector, as well as about 57 retired or incumbent government officials. The attackers posed as officials from various South Korean agencies to send phishing emails with clickbait to recipients. Opening the scam email or clicking on an attached file infected the victim’s computer with malware, enabling the hackers to steal personal data and information.

In addition, the police stated that the attackers seized user IDs and profiles belonging to 19 people to gain access to their cryptocurrency trading accounts. While the exact assets stolen and their value were not disclosed, South Korean law enforcement announced they would intensify efforts to combat illegal cyber activity.

“The police will work closely with relevant institutions and agencies to continuously track down North Korea’s cyber attacks and breaches to prevent losses.”

Lazarus Group’s Crypto Stash Valued at Almost $60 Million

North Korean hackers linked to the Lazarus Group targeted blockchain engineers with a new macOS malware. The group is responsible for major hacks in the crypto industry, including the attack on CoinEx resulting in a $55 million loss. The DPRK-backed hacking group currently holds nearly $60 million worth of cryptocurrencies, with the majority in bitcoin (BTC) valued at $56.15 million. Other crypto holdings include ETH, BNB, BUSD, and AAVE.

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