Laser Digital Launches ethereum Adoption Fund for Institutional Investors

Laser Digital, a subsidiary of financial services giant Nomura, has announced the launch of the ethereum Adoption Fund on 9th November 2023. This fund, based in London and Dubai, is part of the company’s efforts to expand the presence of ethereum in institutional investment portfolios, thereby strengthening the digital asset’s position in the global financial market.

Laser Digital’s History in Cryptocurrency Initiatives

Laser Digital has been actively involved in supporting cryptocurrency and digital asset initiatives. In 2023, the company introduced its first cryptocurrency fund, the bitcoin Adoption Fund, which provided institutional investors with long-only exposure to bitcoin. The company’s asset management unit was established in February 2023, with team members in London, Zurich, and Dubai. In July 2023, the company obtained full crypto licensing from Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority. Laser Digital’s foray into fund management focused on digital assets began in 2020 with the crypto custodian Komainu.

Introduction of the ethereum Adoption Fund

The ethereum Adoption Fund is the latest addition to Laser Digital Asset Management’s digital asset solutions. The series started with the launch of the bitcoin Adoption Fund in September. The new fund, named ‘Laser Digital ethereum Adoption Fund SP’, is set up as a segregated portfolio under Laser Digital Funds SPC, registered in the Cayman Islands, indicating a structured approach to digital asset investment.

Focus on Compliance and Asset Security

The fund’s assets are secured and regulated through Komainu, a custodian regulated by both the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority. This underscores the fund’s commitment to ensuring compliance with financial regulatory standards and asset security.

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Leadership and Investment Strategy

Under the leadership of Sebastian Guglietta, former Chief Scientist Officer at Nomura, and Fiona King, previously of Nickel Digital Asset Management, the fund aims to leverage ethereum‘s potential in driving the economy’s shift from analogue to digital. Guglietta and King bring extensive experience in investment strategies and institutional business to Laser Digital.

Emphasis on ethereum‘s Role in the Digital Economy

With the launch of the ethereum Adoption Fund, Laser Digital reaffirms its belief in ethereum as a pivotal technology driving the ongoing digital transformation of the economy. The fund is designed not only to invest in ethereum but also to implement a yield enhancement strategy through staking, catering to the evolving needs of institutional investors in the digital age.

Laser Digital’s Commitment to Responsible Engagement

Backed by Nomura, Laser Digital is committed to creating opportunities in the digital asset realm by combining the rigor of traditional investment banking with the agility of a crypto-native team. Headquartered in Switzerland, the firm is focused on responsible and compliant engagement in the digital asset market.

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