Blast Website: A New L2 Protocol Goes Live

Yesterday, Tieshun Roquerre, also known as Pacman, launched Blast, the latest project from the founder of Blur marketplace, which generated substantial investment from influential supporters.

Benefits of Blast

Pacman believes that Blast will effectively meet the demands for native yield and broader application support more effectively than current L2 protocols, and may reduce transaction costs and the absence of NFT perpetuals.

Impact on DApps and the Blur Ecosystem

An L2 with native yield for DApps and users could allow the Blur ecosystem to avoid asset depreciation, reduce NFT transaction costs, and launch NFT perps. Blast will serve as an execution environment and liquidity environment, which may benefit DApps, dexes, lending, NFTs, and SocialFi.

Relationship Between Blur and Blast

Blast will reward the Blur community and enable users’ balance to compound automatically, in addition to allowing for users to earn Blast rewards on top. Specifically, Blast natively participates in ETH staking and enables earning yield for stablecoins. The Blast protocol will also have an airdrop.

Announcements and Developments

Following the launch, withdrawals and the launch of DApps will be enabled on February 24. The developers will have the opportunity to participate in the dedicated developer airdrop scheduled for January. Support for Solana’s compression state feature and its impact on NFT minting costs were also discussed in relation to Blast’s launch.

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