The Launch of HUB21 in Belgrade, Serbia

The city of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is celebrating the introduction of HUB21, a pioneering non-profit association that focuses on education, research, and networking within the global bitcoin design and development ecosystem. This initiative aims to bridge the gap in understanding and participation in bitcoin within Serbia’s growing IT landscape, as outlined in a press release forwarded to bitcoin Magazine.

Belgrade, well-known for its rich cultural heritage and historical innovation, is set to attract professionals, investors, and creative minds from around the world to participate in HUB21’s initiatives. While Serbia is already home to a vast pool of IT talent and has been successful in drawing international corporations, the absence of bitcoin projects is evident. Recognizing the potential of bitcoin, HUB21 seeks to train aspiring programmers, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to make the most of the increasing interest in bitcoin.

HUB21’s agenda includes providing educational resources in Serbian, organizing regular meetups, workshops, seminars, and creating an inclusive platform for both newbies and experts in the industry. The association’s vision also includes empowering local talents across different sectors to leverage bitcoin and support their initiatives.

Local startups such as and PeakShift have played crucial roles in realizing HUB21’s vision and have extended their support. The launch of HUB21’s website serves as a gateway to a diverse range of upcoming events, which can be viewed here.

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