Meta Expands Horizon Worlds to Mobile Devices and Web

After more than a year and a half in development, Meta is expanding Horizon Worlds beyond virtual reality headsets.

In a blog post on Sept. 14, Meta announced that Horizon Worlds, a collaborative virtual reality (VR) platform built by Meta, is coming to mobile devices and web in early access.

Horizon Worlds on a mobile device | Source: Meta

Initially, only a “small number of people” could access a multiplayer shooter Super Rumble through the Meta Quest app on Android and a web browser, with iOS support following “in the coming weeks.”

Meta plans to create multiple entry points into the metaverse, aiming to address the current lack of compelling content and user experience issues.

Initiatives and Challenges for Meta’s Horizon Worlds

The expansion to mobile and web comes shortly after Meta’s announcement of a program for teachers in the US to engage students in the opportunities of the metaverse. This effort involves collaboration with 15 universities across the US, including Stanford University and Arizona State University.

While Meta continues to develop Horizon Worlds, the platform has faced criticism from both critics and Meta’s employees. Issues around quality and user experience remain, but Meta aims to gather feedback and gradually improve the application.

Horizon Worlds allows users to develop and interact with others in a virtual world, resembling popular games like Minecraft and Roblox. Meta is investing heavily in the success of Horizon Worlds, with over $7.5 billion already spent on the project.

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