Announcement from Membrane Labs Inc.

Membrane Labs Inc., a leading institutional-grade digital asset settlement and workflow management platform, has announced the successful completion of its first derivatives settlement with trading firms QCP and Wakem Capital on November 17th, 2023.

The transaction demonstrated the platform’s ability to facilitate the settlement process for derivatives transactions through a versatile, custody-agnostic API and blockchain interface.

Membrane CEO Carson Cook stated, “Our mission at Membrane has always been to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the world of crypto assets. This successful transaction is a testament to our platform’s capacity for innovation and our commitment to providing a secure and efficient settlement network.”

The transaction allowed both parties to experience the full scope of Membrane’s settlement network, including its capacity for handling various collateral arrangements and currencies. Utilizing fiat for margin purposes showcased Membrane’s versatility in building seamless integrations across both traditional banking and custody providers.

QCP Capital founder Darius Sit commented, “As a global leader in digital assets trading, we are delighted to support Membrane’s journey as an investor and the first in the market to experience their settlement capabilities in derivatives.”

Wakem Capital Mgmt founder John Vincent stated, “The successful execution of this transaction using Membrane’s network is significant. It serves as a clear indicator of the platform’s readiness to meet the growing needs of derivatives execution & settlement in the digital asset universe.”

About Membrane

Membrane is a technology platform offering a variety of enterprise-grade clearing, settlement, and lending applications integrated with a custody-agnostic settlement network. Membrane’s platform allows for seamless management and settlement of OTC spot trades, loans, derivatives, and associated collateral management.

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