Monthly Surge in Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC) has seen a 20% monthly surge, briefly surpassing the $74 mark, as the cryptocurrency market experiences a broader resurgence. The increased network activity has played a pivotal role in this upward trend.

Active Addresses

Data compiled by IntoTheBlock reveals that active addresses on the Litecoin Network have reached a six-month high.

  • On November 13th, the count of active addresses reached 979.55k, breaking the previous record of 719.3k in May, driven by the launch of the LTC-20 token standard.
  • The total number of addresses with a balance also reached a new peak this week, marking a year-to-date increase of over 40%, as per ITB.
  • According to Bitinforcharts, the number of transactions hit an all-time high of 1.09 million on November 14th, briefly surpassing bitcoin’s transaction count, which stood at 523.28k.
  • Despite the increase in transaction count, the total number of coins transferred on-chain remained relatively low, indicating that the majority of the traffic was generated by low-value transactions. This was evidenced by the transaction volume, which hovered close to $2.03 billion, down by more than 90% since its peak of $26.18 billion recorded in January this year.
  • As the network experienced increased activity, the total amount of fees paid to miners saw a spike.
  • Nevertheless, the average fee paid per transaction by a network user decreased. This suggests that despite the substantial growth in transactions, the network did not face congestion.
  • Historically, network congestion has led to users bidding up fees to expedite their transactions due to a crowded transaction queue.
  • Meanwhile, the number of long-term LTC holders hit 5.26 million this week, demonstrating a “growing confidence” in the asset.
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