The BSV Blockchain

The BSV (bitcoin SV) Blockchain is a powerful data management tool that uses an informational commodity to turn raw data into meaningful information through a unique environment.

Data vs Information

Data and information are not the same. In the context of information technology and data management, data are raw, unprocessed facts and figures whereas information is data that has been processed and organized in a way that adds context and meaning.

Inputting Data on the BSV Blockchain

The BSV blockchain serves as a platform where raw data can be inputted at low cost through the use of the BSV token as an informational commodity. This data undergoes a process of refinement and gain context and structure, becoming more useful and understandable information.

Adding a Monetary Dimension

The act of transacting—of using bitcoin as an informational commodity—adds a monetary dimension to the data, enriching the raw data as it becomes a part of the economic system of the blockchain.

BSV Blockchain: An Information Management Tool

Data processed on the BSV blockchain automatically turns into information and it is being valued at the same time. The BSV blockchain is not a data management tool but an information management tool that significantly works for all of us at ultra-low cost.

The Importance of Ultra-Low Cost Transactions

Microtransactions are important because of the atomic microvaluations that come with them. The BSV blockchain allows for ultra-low cost transactions, enabling the refinement of digital data to information and valuation thereof.


The BSV Blockchain is a powerful tool for turning raw data into valuable information and is facilitated by ultra-low cost transactions. This unique environment allows for the automatic transformation of data with added monetary context to enrich the raw data and provide meaningful information.

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