Republic Note Listing

Republic is preparing to list its profit-sharing digital asset, the Republic Note, on INX’s US-regulated trading platform. The listing will be done via the Avalanche blockchain and aims to make private market investments more accessible and tradable among investors globally. The listing is scheduled for December 6, 2023.

Republic Note is a real-world asset-backed digital security that allows investors to earn returns from an investment portfolio. According to the press release shared with CryptoPotato, Republic aims to address the challenges associated with investing in most private companies, including limited accessibility and the accreditation and large investment sizes typically required for such processes. In contrast, Republic Note is open to non-accredited investors worldwide with low minimum investment thresholds, distributing dividends to holders’ digital wallets when new liquidity events take place in the Republic portfolio.

“The Republic Note’s listing is not just a milestone for Republic – it represents a shift in the landscape of private equity. We believe this is the first time a digital asset backed by such a diverse portfolio of private ventures has been made available to retail investors. Owning even one Republic Note can unlock an important new level of accessibility, transparency, and liquidity to private equity.” – Republic’s Co-founder and CEO Kendrick Nguyen

Prior to the public listing, the digital asset received over $30 million in pre-sale participation from entities such as Naspers, Binance, and the Avalanche Foundation’s Vista program, along with thousands of individual investors. The company also secured over $200 million in funding from global companies like Valor Equity Partners, Galaxy Interactive, Morgan Stanley, and AngelList.

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Tapping Avalanche for Token Launch

Republic recently revealed its plans to introduce the digital asset on Avalanche to take advantage of the blockchain’s scalability, speed, and customizability. Alongside INX and Ava Labs, Republic aims to be at the forefront of tokenization, believing that the market is poised to expand into the tens of trillions of dollars in this decade.

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