Space and Time to Enable Zero-Knowledge Proof for SQL Operations on Google Cloud’s BigQuery

Space and Time, a data warehousing player, has announced that it will enable its novel zero-knowledge (ZK) proof for SQL operations to work with Google Cloud’s warehouse, BigQuery.

Introduction to Proof of SQL

Space and Time’s new ZK protocol, called ‘Proof of SQL,’ allows developers using BigQuery to cryptographically confirm the accuracy of query results and data integrity. By incorporating ZK-proof technology, BigQuery aims to establish transparency and trust in the era of ‘verify-everything’.

ZK-Powered Proof of SQL

Proof of SQL is a ZK-proof linked to SQL databases that provides clients with cryptographic verification that query execution and underlying tables remain unchanged. While initially designed for the Space and Time data warehouse, Proof of SQL can now be integrated with any SQL database or data warehouse, extending ZK-verified query processing capabilities to data hosted on Google Cloud.

This capability is particularly valuable for blockchain technology, as it ensures that cloud data warehousing services can be connected with smart contracts, enabling on-chain business logic.

Furthermore, the ZK-database capabilities allow developers and enterprises to build Large Language Models (LLMs) based on verifiable datasets, data-driven smart contracts, and ZK-powered business applications.

Zero-Knowledge Tech Development

Zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs have become increasingly important due to privacy breaches and data vulnerabilities. ZK proofs are cryptographic methods that allow one party to prove something is true without revealing confidential information.

ZK technology is being utilized in various applications, such as ethereum scaling project Polygon’s exploration of “zkEVM,” a virtual machine designed to emulate the ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

“Our goal is to help Web3 developers build applications at scale by providing them access to a range of tools and services. Now BigQuery customers will be able to access Space and Time’s ZK-proof protocol which can help verify blockchain smart contracts and other business processes that require verifiable compute against data.” – James Tromans, Google Cloud’s Web3 Head

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