Google Cloud Expands BigQuery Data Warehouse Capabilities with 11 Blockchain Networks

Google Cloud has announced the integration of 11 blockchain networks into its BigQuery service, expanding its data warehouse capabilities.

The newly added networks include Avalanche, Arbitrum, Cronos, ethereum‘s Görli testnet, Fantom, Near, Optimism, Polkadot, Polygon’s mainnet, Polygon’s Mumbai testnet, and Tron.

  • Google Cloud made this decision in response to the demand expressed by blockchain foundations, Web3 analytics firms, partners, developers, and customers, according to the official announcement.
  • The goal behind this addition is to provide a more comprehensive view of the cryptocurrency landscape and allow users to query multiple blockchain networks.
  • The aim is to enable users to address complex queries, such as tracking the daily minting of NFTs across specific chains, comparing transaction fees among different chains, and determining the number of active wallets on leading EVM chains.

“Having a more robust list of chains accessible via BigQuery and new ways to access data will help the Web3 community better answer these questions and others, without the overhead of operating nodes or maintaining an indexer.”

  • BigQuery is Google’s fully managed, serverless data warehouse that allows scalable analysis of large amounts of data.
  • It supports querying through a SQL dialect and offers integrated machine learning features.
  • In addition, Google Cloud plans to enhance the current bitcoin BigQuery dataset by including Satoshis (sats) / Ordinals to the open-source blockchain-ETL datasets for developers to query.
  • This development aligns with Google Cloud’s Web3 ambitions.
  • Earlier this year, the company announced the ‘Google for Startups Cloud Program’ initiative to support Web3 startups and projects in building and scaling faster and more securely.
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