Universal Music Group in Talks with Google to Bring AI-Generated Music with Artist Likeness

Music distribution giant Universal Music Group (UMG) has reportedly begun discussions with Google to establish a partnership to allow the likeness of music artists to be deployed in artificial intelligence (AI) generated music.

Preliminary Discussions

Both entities are eager to crack down on the rise of deepfakes while seeking pathways to merge music with Big Tech. The talks are still in the preliminary stages, and there is no straightforward product at this point, leaving the conclusion open to speculation.

Creating a Service for AI-Generated Music

Analysts suggest that these discussions could lead to the creation of a service that will enable creators of AI-generated music to access the likeness of artists without breaching copyright rules. Artists would have the right to decide whether they want their voices or melodies to be used in creating AI-generated music.

Warner Music Group has also opened preliminary discussions with Google to create a service for creators to access permissions for intellectual property.

The Rise of AI-Generated Music

In early 2023, AI-generated music gained popularity and began appearing on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. This prompted UMG to order the platforms to take down the songs due to copyright concerns.

UMG CEO Lucian Grainge said, “The recent explosive development in generative AI will, if left unchecked, both increase the flood of unwanted content on platforms and create rights issues with respect to existing copyright law.”

Reactions from the Industry

AI-generated music has received diverse reactions from industry players. Canadian musician Grimes has expressed support for the new art form and is willing to split royalties evenly on any successful AI-generated song that uses her voice.

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Harvey Mason, CEO of the Recording Academy behind the Grammy Awards, announced that AI-generated songs are now eligible for entry and consideration for Grammy nominations.

Copyright Issues and Concerns

The use of generative AI has sparked copyright violation claims, leading to class-action lawsuits against pioneering developers such as Meta and OpenAI. Concerned consumer groups are calling for government regulations to ensure the safe and proper use of AI, addressing copyright violations and potential risks in various sectors of the economy.

### News source: coingeek.com

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