FTX and Alameda Active Divesting of Holdings

FTX and Alameda have transferred $36.01 million worth of MATIC and AVAX to various exchanges in the past 24 hours, as part of their commitment to reaching settlements with creditors amid bankruptcy.

FTX Selling Spree Continues

FTX deposited $36.01 million worth of MATIC and AVAX to different exchanges within 24 hours, including Coinbase and FalconX, with FalconX alone obtaining 975,859 AVAX valued at $18.83 million.

Overall, FTX and Alameda have transferred out $488M worth of 48 tokens.

On Nov. 21, accounts associated with FTX transferred $3.16 million worth of ethereum to Binance, and also conducted test deposits on FalconX. On Nov. 17, FTX and Alameda-related addresses unstaked 11.5 million MATIC, valued at $9.24 million.

FTX has transferred $488 million across 48 distinct tokens since Oct. 24, with SOL being the most transferred asset in the period.

These transfers are part of FTX’s plan to settle its debts, with creditors being offered as much as $0.6 to $0.65 on the dollar.

Complex Twists in FTX Case

Recent developments in the FTX court dispute include a request to delay bankruptcy proceedings for further investigation, which was denied by Judge John Dorsey.

### News source: cryptopotato.com

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