Cardano Founder Criticizes ethereum

The Perceived Impact of Cardano

According to Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, ethereum is mirroring Cardano’s blockchain structure. He believes that Cardano has not received enough credit for its innovative features that ethereum is now trying to replicate.

Hoskinson’s Statements

In a recent post on Twitter, Hoskinson expressed his frustration that Cardano is not recognized as an innovative ecosystem by the ethereum community. He feels that Cardano’s work has not been acknowledged, despite ethereum attempting to adopt similar features.

Disapproval of Hostility

Hoskinson responded to criticism about his remarks potentially causing hostility between the two communities. He denied this claim but maintained that ethereum lags behind in innovation.

Vitalik Buterin’s Interview

Buterin discussed the importance of addressing centralization issues within the staking ecosystem. He proposed redesigning the staking system by introducing a UTXO permit system. This approach is similar to Cardano’s Extended-UTXO (EUTXO) model.

Advantages of the UTxO Approach

Buterin explained that the UTxO approach would make funds more decentralized and secure, enabling users to retain control over their coins. In contrast, a balance-based system is susceptible to changes in user funds without their consent.

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