Miss Universe 2023: El Salvador’s Volcanic Empowerment Costume

The 2023 Miss Universe pageant’s preliminary costume contest kicked off on Thursday with Miss El Salvador’s “volcanic empowerment costume” proving to be a hometown hit.

Isabella García-Manzo, Miss El Salvador, donned a costume inspired by the nation’s signature volcanoes, symbolizing the nation’s initiative to mine bitcoin (BTC).

El Salvador and Volcanic Empowerment

As she took the stage, Isabella was welcomed by thunderous applause from the San Salvador crowd. Her costume featured a massive crown depicting the sun and a bright orange dress that transformed into crimson and then charcoal towards the back.

The crown and back of the dress “ignited” with bright orange and erupted into a series of flames in its final phase.

“It honors the transformative power of nature and the human spirit,” said the pageant’s announcer. “It features an eruption of volcano elements, symbolizing the rebirth of the country.”

During the costume’s preparation phase, one of its designers called its model a “volcanic goddess.”

El Salvador has experienced transformative changes over the past three years, including making bitcoin legal tender in 2021. Despite limited on-the-ground use, its adoption has helped double the nation’s tourism figures since 2019.

El Salvador’s bitcoin Initiatives

In 2023, the Salvadoran government announced a major public-private partnership with Volcano Energy to deploy $1 billion toward sustainable bitcoin mining. Backed by Tether, the initiative will allocate 23% of the revenue it generates to the government and another 50% to building out infrastructure.

So far, only $250 million has been raised for the initiative, which will be used solely for wind and solar-based mining, with geothermal-based mining planned for the future.

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One year ago, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele promised that El Salvador would start purchasing 1 BTC per day, and bitcoin’s price has more than doubled since then.

### News source: cryptopotato.com

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