The Longevity of BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a technology protocol that has been in existence for 22 years, making it almost as influential as bitcoin in terms of its impact on data transfer across the internet. It serves as the mechanism for moving data around, even when users intend to limit access to it.

The Seeding Issue

One of the challenges that BitTorrent faces is the lack of consistent seeding. Upon completing a download, many users close their torrent client without allowing the file to seed. As a result, the availability of files diminishes over time as fewer people seed the data. This presents a problem for the long-term sustainability of individual torrents, despite being highly efficient in managing high-demand data transfer.

Introducing Durabit – A Solution

Durabit is a proposal aimed at addressing the issue of seeding inconsistency in BitTorrent. The scheme involves using a chaumian ecash mint to provide an incentive mechanism for file seeders. This entails developing a contractual arrangement between a third party and the ecash mint, with a series of timelocked pre-signed transactions.

The Functioning of Durabit?

Once the mint has the pre-signed transactions, it submits the first transaction to the chain and monitors the torrent swarm for the specified magnet link. It then listens for any Torrent clients that operate a Durabit client and registers seeders who maintain the data available. Over a two-week period, the mint distributes chaumian ecash tokens to registered seeders as an incentive for keeping the file available.

The proposal ensures that incentives are aligned between the issuer and the mint for the proper functioning of the system. Furthermore, by enabling monitoring of both the torrent seeders and the mint, it establishes checks and balances to ensure honest distribution of funds.

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A Simple and Effective Solution

Durabit is a straightforward approach facilitated by a trusted party in the form of the chaumian mint. Its simplicity is a strength, providing an elegant solution to the incentive problem of maintaining seeded files using BitTorrent despite fluctuations in user demand.

In conclusion, Durabit holds the potential to significantly improve the longevity and availability of files on BitTorrent, providing an essential incentive mechanism for users to continue seeding and maintaining data availability. This solution offers a promising path towards addressing the issue of data retention and availability via BitTorrent.

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