Steam’s Policies on NFT Games

Searching for NFT games on Steam is futile as the popular gaming platform has officially imposed a ban on NFT games. However, there is a silver lining: resourceful developers have found clever workarounds.

You can still find Steam multiplayer games that do integrate NFT elements, but they should be accessed directly from the developers’ official websites or other platforms they may guide you to. If you get them through Steam, they will be “NFT-free,” which will allow you to enjoy these games without getting entangled in the NFT waters.

Finding NFT Games on Steam

The lack of clear indication of the NFT functionality on Steam may make it difficult to research this genre of games. Since blockchain games are banned by Steam, you will not be able to find any filters for such titles. If you are still curious to see what titles have made it to the Steam store despite the restrictions, explore this selection of games.

Free horror games on Steam: Champions Ascension

One of the blockchain titles making its mark on the Steam multiplayer games market is Champions Ascension, developed by Plai Labs. It is an arena RPG offering free-to-play gameplay. Bursting with action, strategic elements, and an adrenaline rush, this game provides players with the chance to take ownership of in-game assets.

Champions Ascension Gameplay

Champions Ascension offers a diverse array of game modes, including 1v1 combat, 3v3 combat, Free-for-All, Raid Boss PVE, and Maestro Towers. These modes contribute an extra layer of excitement, ensuring players do not feel confined to a single style of gameplay.

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Champions Ascension NFT Collections

Several NFT collections related to Champions Ascension have been issued by PlaiLabs. “The Imperial Gallery” features prized works, items, and artifacts collected over centuries by the Massina Emperors, with a floor price starting at 1.2 MATIC or $0.98. “Pets of Massina” comprises unique companions aiding champions in their adventures, with a floor price of 0.0042 ETH or $8.04. Other noteworthy collections are “Elemental Eternal,” with a floor price of 0.028 ETH, and “Prime Eternal,” a set of animated NFTs.

MetaShooter NFTs

Similarly to other games on this list, MetaShooter incorporates NFT and cryptocurrency features that are not available through Steam. However, as of now, enjoying the game does not necessitate the purchase of any assets, but this only holds for the Alpha version.

MetaShooter Crypto

MetaShooter had its token, MHUNT, traded at $0.0079151 at the time of publication, with a 24-hour trading volume of almost $33,000. The token’s market cap is currently over $257,000.

System Requirements

The initial version of Champions Ascension is tailored for Windows machines. Requirements include 15GB of available space, an NVIDIA GeForce video card (GTX 750 GPU minimum, GTX 1660 GPU recommended), an Intel Core i3 6th Gen processor (preferably i5 8th Gen), and a minimum of 8GB RAM (16GB recommended).


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