The Importance of Cybersecurity in the ASEAN Industry

When the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) reported data leaks that affected 13 million PhilHealth users in the country, and millions of people’s information were breached in the Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Philippine government came under scrutiny due to its cybersecurity weakness and lack of security measures when it comes to cyber-attacks.

Digital Pilipinas 2023 – Digital Government Festival aimed to raise awareness about the damage that cyber-attacks do to society, how to mitigate its risks, and how to find solutions.
In the panel, Founding President of NADPOP Sam Jacoba, Philippine Computer Emergency Response Team’s Lito Averia, and Flagright Singapore’s Tommy Hartono discussed the common cybercrimes and the approach to mitigating them. They were moderated by nChain’s Business Development Lead for the Philippines Stephanie Tower.

Common Online Crimes
Jacoba stated that hacking and phishing are the most common online crimes. Phishing involves impersonating someone online through emails or SMS with the intention of stealing personal information.

How to Identify Cybersecurity Attacks
Averia explained that attackers will try to identify weaknesses in your system and exploit them to gain access. For example, he indicated that a common practice in phishing attacks is sending emails during the wee hours of the day when most victims are exhausted from work.

Solutions to Help Mitigate Risks
One big technology Averia mentioned that could help with cyber attacks is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Jacoba also emphasized the need for digital literacy and that cybersecurity learning should be embedded in our institutions. Tower highlighted the significance of digital literacy, collaboration between private entities and government organizations, and the importance of cybersecurity starting at home.

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Stay Informed
To learn more about cybersecurity and its importance in the ASEAN industry and digitalization, catch our Day 1 and Day 2 recap for the recent Digital Pilipinas Festival 2023!

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