bitcoin to Reach $50k Pre-Halving

Popular social media trader Titan of Crypto has reiterated his prediction that bitcoin (BTC) will reach a pre-halving price target of $50,000. This forecast aligns with his prediction made a year ago, where he anticipated a price range between $39,000 and $50,000 for BTC before the halving.

The analyst, who had initially shared this prediction when BTC was recovering from a two-year low of $15,600, now sees the pre-halving rally nearing its target zone.

Titan of Crypto’s recent late-Sunday post emphasized the $39,000 mark as the lower boundary of the projected price target range. The analyst referenced his earlier prediction and encouraged his followers to brace for potential surges.

“The pre-halving rally I told you about one year ago is about to reach its target zone between $39k-$50k.”

While Titan of Crypto believes BTC could hit an all-time high before the pre-halving, bitcoin is currently struggling to hold above $38k.

Despite the current resistance, the trader remains optimistic about BTC’s potential to meet the predicted price target and expects further market dynamics to unfold in the coming weeks.

Historically, bitcoin has seen new ATHs following the having, but its price also rallies before the event occurs. That said, a lot of long positions have entered the market in what is known as an accumulation phase.

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