Singapore-based Bitdeer Technologies Group (NASDAQ: BTDR) Unaudited Performance Metrics for October 2023

Bitdeer Technologies Group, a global leader in the cryptocurrency mining industry, has released its unaudited operational metrics for October 2023, highlighting strong performance and strategic advancements.

Stable Operational Metrics

During October, both the hash rate and electrical capacity remained stable, much to the satisfaction of CEO Linghui Kong. The Gedu Datacenter in Bhutan contributed 3.3EH/s to the overall hash rate and produced 211 Bitcoins, accounting for over half of the total bitcoin production for the month. Additionally, the ongoing construction of the Tydal Datacenter in Norway symbolizes the company’s commitment to technological advancement and increasing shareholder value.

Core Business Areas

Bitdeer’s operations revolve around three key business areas: self-mining to directly acquire bitcoin, hash rate sharing through cloud hash rate plans, and complete hosting services for mining rig maintenance.

Key Operational Figures

In October 2023, Bitdeer reported an unchanged total hash rate of 21.2 EH/s, with 221,000 mining machines under administration and an aggregate electrical capacity of 895MW across six datacenters. Although bitcoin mining slowed from September to October, year-over-year production of the cryptocurrency increased significantly by 173.4%.

Infrastructure Progress

Bitdeer is making progress with its 175MW immersion cooling datacenter in Norway and plans to participate in upcoming industry conferences, solidifying its position in the digital assets landscape.

Global Presence and Commitment

With operating presences in various countries including the United States, Norway, and Bhutan, Bitdeer is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for digital asset mining. The company is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the mining process, from procurement to day-to-day operations. The company’s commitment and global presence set it apart in the competitive digital assets industry.

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