bitcoin Adoption And Green Investments

When it comes to the current debate of global climate change, I want to steer clear from either supporting or opposing the agenda. As a believer in bitcoin and a supporter of green technologies, I want to discuss how Bitcoiners can learn from the tactics of the global climate change movement to promote expanded bitcoin adoption.

Approaches to Expanded Adoption

Bitcoiners need to move beyond the periodic financial crises to drive adoption. Postings about everyday bitcoin transactions or demonizing the fiat currency world aren’t effective methods for expansion. We need to adopt state-of-the-art and systematic methods that reflect the professionalism seen in the climate change movement.

By taking a page from the climate change movement, Bitcoiners can integrate tactics that can’t be ignored, belittled, or excluded. The upcoming United Nations Climate Change conference in Dubai presents an opportunity.

Time Preference for bitcoin and Green Investments

Green projects are using finance and economic concepts to promote current societal investment for future gain. Bitcoiners can adopt similar concepts and show that investing in bitcoin today can lead to greater wealth outcome in the future.

To demonstrate this, Bitcoiners should apply the Social Discount Rate (SDR) and a “Just Transition” utilized by the climate change movement.

Applying the Social Discount Rate to bitcoin Adoption

The SDR calculates the present value of future societal benefits realized from green investments today. Governments use the SDR to discount future social benefits of investments. This value depends on the level of development of a country, and it’s meant to balance societal choice to spend today versus invest for tomorrow.

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The concept of creating generational wealth, preserving wealth against de-basement, and investing for the future is similar to the concepts of bitcoin adoption and societal benefits of green movements.

A “Just Transition” and Bitcoiners

While climate change movement considers how transition policies will impact individuals, Bitcoiners are working to protect wealth for the future. The concept of sacrificing today for benefits in the future is common for both, but Bitcoiners need to ensure that people least able to assume risk are supported in the transition to bitcoin adoption.

Issues related to wealth and income for impacted communities are important in both contexts, and governments need to meet climate change commitments without worsening the wealth gap.

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